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Brad Deitemeyer Molar Mass Determination by Depression of the Freezing Point Purpose: The purpose of this experiment was to determine the molar mass of one unknown liquid and one unknown solid by comparing the freezing point of water to the freezing points of the two solutions that each contains one of the unknowns. By finding the freezing point depressions (and masses of course)of the two solutions, we can use several equations that will eventually help find the molar mass of each unknown. Method: The first part involved finding the freezing point of water. Using a Styrofoam cup with more ice than water, the lowest temperature was read using a digital thermometer. This would be the baseline for the experiment. The second part of the experiment dealt with the unknown liquid. Approximately 10 grams of the liquid was added to ice/water mix, and then the lowest temperature was again recorded. The difference between the two freezing points determined the freezing point depression, which would be used later on. The solution was then decanted to
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