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Stephanie Lennon Molecular Phylogeny Amino Sequence – Human COX-III: 1 mthqshayhm vkpspwpltg alsallmtsg lamwfhfhsm tllmlglltn tltmyqwwrd 61 vtrestyqgh htppvqkglr ygmilfitse vfffagffwa fyhsslaptp qlgghwpptg 121 itplnplevp llntsvllas gvsitwahhs lmennrnqmi qallitillg lyftllqase 181 yfespftisd giygstffva tgfhglhvii gstflticfi rqlmfhftsk hhfgfeaaaw 241 ywhfvdvvwl flyvsiywwg s
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Unformatted text preview: Amino Sequence – Norway rat COX-III: 1 mthqthayhm vnpspwpltg alsallltsg lvmwfhynst illslglltn iltmyqwwrd 61 iiregtyqgh htpivqkglr ygmilfivse vfffagffwa fyhsslvpth dlggcwpptg 121 itplnplevp llntsvllas gvsitwahhs lmegnrnhmn qallitillg lyftilqase 181 yfetsfsisd giygstffma tgfhglhvii gstflivcll rqlkfhftsk hhfgfeaaaw 241 ywhfvdvvwl flyvsiywwg s...
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