Chapter 9 (HPP)

Chapter 9 (HPP) - Chapter 9 Review questions #4 through 10...

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Chapter 9 3/5/11 Brittany Robinson Review questions #4 through 10 4. What is the underlying concept of community organization? The underlying concept of community organization is based off of three different categories: locality development, social planning, and social action. Locality development is most like community development and seeks change from participant self-help within the local community. Social planning is strictly based on task orientation and rational-empirical problem solving. Social action deals with task and process orientation. It mainly focuses on increasing the community’s ability to problem solve and earning certain changes to redress imbalances of power and privilege between the disadvantaged group and the larger population. 5. What are some of the assumptions under which planners work when organizing a community? There are several assumptions that planners who are organizing communities must make. They are: a. Communities of people can develop the capacity to deal with their own
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Chapter 9 (HPP) - Chapter 9 Review questions #4 through 10...

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