Chapter 11 (HPP)

Chapter 11 (HPP) - Chapter 11 Review questions #3, 4 and 10...

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Chapter 11 3/29/11 Brittany Robinson Review questions #3, 4 and 10 3. How does segmenting your priority population help you? Segmenting priority population is beneficial in a few ways. For one, it helps you become more organized by narrowing and focusing your marketing strategy and developing the right product. Two, it enables you to identify groups of consumers who have similar needs and will respond to your strategy in a similar way, thereby making it more effective and efficient. This, in turn, helps you make the best decisions in terms of where to offer your program, how to create reasonable prices, and how to tailor your strategy including messages and communication channels to the priority population. Lastly, it allows planners to develop programs that will meet specific needs and desires of the priority population, there in by greatly increasing the chances for an exchange between the two parties. 4. What are some of the factors to use when segmenting your priority population? Which ones are most important? Some of these factors include demographics, geographics, geodemographics, lifestyle/psychographics, benefits sought and behavioral theories (readiness to change, knowledge, attitudes, beliefs, or behaviors). Generally not just one factor is used, but multiple factors are used to identify audience segments. You will want to
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Chapter 11 (HPP) - Chapter 11 Review questions #3, 4 and 10...

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