Fraud Case 1

But after realizing that it could be wed as a

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Unformatted text preview: online sales for his spammed products. But after realizing that it could be wed as a marketing tool for his primary phannacy operation, S\\, he developed it into a call center employing more than 100 telemarketers working around the clock to sell prescription drugs. I ext, he established another Web site, ww\...., which served as the core for his online phannacy operation by processing orders for customers of SwifteRX and connecting with a doctor to approve orders. Pills and Abuse I was a special agent with the FBI and assigned to the Minnesota Cyber Crimes Task Force in Minneapolis, a squad of highly trained agents from the FBI and U.S. Secret Sen-ice dedicated to investigating a multitude of computer-related crimes. After working white-collar crime investigations for most of my 28 years of duty, I decided that cybercrime would make a challenging finale to my career. This case, my last FBI investigation, proved to be my most fascinating and rewarding. One frosty day in late November, I gOt a phone call from a colleague who had received a complaint regarding Cory. A tenant in the same building as Advanced Express Systems had grown suspicious of the operation. He had noticed several limousines in the parking lot that the employees wed as break rooms. Many of Cory's workers were disorderly and disturbed others in the building. We later found out that quite a few had been recruited from a halfway howe and were fonner felons. The curious tenant had seen the baby-faced entrepreneur arrive at work in a 300,000 Mercedes Marbach, driven by a chauffeur. Puzzled, he searched the Internet and discO\'ered that Cory was named on se\'eral antispam Web sites as one of the world's most Just What the Doctor Ordered 3 o g 'Y ~ e e o " s. -e ,. ,. g s. " o e d " n ,f >S a d o os d os o a oe h, "' Sl prolific spammel'"S. He learned that several people who bought prescription drugs from his Web site, SwifteRX, complained about being overcharged and never receiving meir orders. I ran a Coogle search on Cory and discQ\"ered more infonnation about his nefarious online aCli\ity. He had been linked with a group of individuals who hijacked IP (Internet protocol) net blocks to commit billing and credit card fraud, send spam, and launch attacks against spam opponents and Intemetsenice prm;ders (ISPs). A Whais (a domain search engine) check on \\w\ revealed that it was registered with an ISP in S\\i12erland and had a United Kingdom business address-a dead end. sing a coven computer, which cannot be traced back to taw enforcemenl, I ,isited the Web site. It olTered a multitude of generic drugs available for sale ""ti!.hout a prescription. S"tifteRX claimed it had a network of doctors and pharmacies throughout !.he nited Slates. The customer's patient history and an FDAappro\'ed online questionnaire were said to be reviewed b}' these supposed ph}osicians to approve prescriptions. S\\tifteRX would nOt accept any health insurance. Only major credit cards a...
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