Fraud Case 1

Cory was somewhat truthful during the eighthour

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Unformatted text preview: s trial, 13 months later. After three months injail, Cory, now nicknamed "Crybaby," came to the V.S. anorney's office to cooperate 011 a possible plea deal. Cory was somewhat truthful during the eight·hour interview. When he returned to jail, the guards kept a close eye on him. But it wasn't enough; he found every loophole in the jail's telephone monitoring system to make unrecorded calls. When they deprived Cory of his Xanax, he had a defense attorney smuggle the drug into his cell. Just What the Doctor Ordered 9 In january, Co!"}' came back to the U.S. anomey's office to explain the incident, but failed to give a full accounting of his unrecorded telephone calls. He admined that, the day after the search, he took. 1.1 million in cash from a safe hidden at a storage facility and put it in the t.runk of Christie's car. A couple of weeks later, he said, he mOl'ed the money to his home, where he and Amber counted out bundles of 10,000, wrapped them in Saran Wrap, tuffed them into Apple jacks cereal boxes, and hid the boxes in his parents' boathouse. His lack of credibility and compliance caused Sarah and Liz to rnd plea negotiations. Subsequent charges would be forthcoming, including operating a continuing criminal enterprise (CCE). Co!"}' knew that the minimum prison sentence for CeE was 20 rears and came up \\ith a plan to derail the case. In March, \\;th the help of another inmate, Cory found the telephone number of a local defense anomey that was no longer in sel"\ice but still recognized by the jail. Since the jail could not monitor calls to his supposed anomey, Cory had an associate in the Philippines set the number up through voic(X)"er-lntemet protOcol (VOIP). The jail became suspicious and monitored the calls. They heard Cory make arrangements to kill Betsy and her children. He callously stated, ''This is a kill or be killed world, and quoted joseph Stalin, "No man, no problem." Cory was immediately transferred to a supermax prison. Finally, he was under control and we could focus our attention on the trial. On March 8, a criminal complaint was filed against a Filipino associate who had helped Cory run an online casino in Costa Rica and, later, customer selVice for his online pharmacy; the charges were witness tampering and conspiracy to obstruct justice. On March 21, Cory was indicted on the same charges and ",ith CCE on a superseding indictment on the main case. In spite of all of Cory's distractions, we continued to build our case on the illegal online pharmacy. Sitting in a room with a view of a brick wall, we carefully reviewed and organized all the documentation and computer evidence obtained from the search warrants. We found key infonnation in nearly every box and computer. It seemed that Cory spent more time trying to hide his assets than destroying evidence that might bury him. We interviewed more than 100 \vimesses, including telemarketers, doctors, pharmacists, addicts, inmates, and defendants. Tirelessly, often working late int...
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