Fraud Case 1

Fraud case 1

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Unformatted text preview: CHA TER Just What the Doctor Ordered GEORGE KYRIUS By his mid-twenties, Cory Steele was already well-kno"" on the Internet as one of !.he top ten spammers in the world. The golden-haired entrepreneur from Minnesota staned \mling software programs for distributing spam when he was just 15. He circulated his product throughout the globe in exchange for half the spammers' profits. This business \'elllure earned him SO much money that he dropped out of high school. When his father objeCled, Cory replied, "Dad, I made 69,000 online by II a.m. today." The rebellious teenager SpCIll his time sharpening his compmer and online expertise. Once he paid five thousand dollars for a Russian computer programmer to Oy to Minnesota and give him a onc-day lesson. Cory began pedaling human growth honnones, penis enlargement pills, and other fake supplements online. He used the anonymity of the Illlernet to conceal his true idelllity and take advantage of gullible customers willing LO buy his "pixie duse" Anyone was fair game as long as there was money LO be made. Shortly after his 24th birthday, Cory ventured into his most lucrative Internet scam-selling prescription drugs. With the help of Betsy Hartman, a computer programmer known as the "spam queen," he set up an illegal online phannacy. The scheme made him a wealthy man. Before he turned 25, Cory was a multimillionaire. He bought a $1.1 million home in cash and added a Ferrari Sprder, Mercedes Benz C55AMC, and Lamborghini Murcielago to his collection of foreign cars. Cory was obsessed with affluence, but his most prized possession was his artificially enhanced trophy wife, Amber. He often spied on her. Even though Cory frequemed strip joints and had a dancer named Christie Kelly as a mistress, he expected Amber to remain faithful. He was insecure \,;th their relationship and controlled her to the point of abuse. She was the one possession he couldn't stand to lose. 1 2 Computer Fraud Casebook Fear and suspicion consumed Cory's life. Once when an officer came to serve court documents, he hid in a closet \,;th his four-year old son, telling him that the police \\'ere bad and would hun him. He protected his money and neet of vehicles by constantly transferring safes full of cash and his luxury' \'ehicles from one storage facility to another. Cory used disposable cell phones to a\'oid electronic ea\'esdropping. He had 24 cameras at the office watching his employees every hour of the day. TIley were required to walk through metal detectors where security guard.s, led by Cory"s heavyset enforcer and confidant, Randy Mesher, confiscated their cell phones. In spite of all his wealth, Cory failed to O\'ercome his own weakness. He was addicted to Xanax, a prescription drug for anxiety. His addicti\'e nature made him extremel)' erratic. He often had emotional outbursts. People were frightened by his unpredictable beha\ior, which was compounded by the fact that he brought a 9 mm pistol to work every day. Cory originally established Advanced Express Spaems as a billing compan)' to facilitate...
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