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Most aluable was the digital cidence the infomlation

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Unformatted text preview: o the evenings and on weekends, we located frightened and hostile ",illlesses. After sel"\ing more than 200 subpoenas and executing 45 searchand-seizure warrants, we stood atop a mountain of evidence. Most \'aluable was the digital C\idence, the infomlation hal"\'ested from computers, e-mails, instant messages, and especially servers. Some of the computer documents revealed that Cory \\ClS fully aware that his online pharmacy was operating illegally. The flood of e-mails between Cory and his II 10 Computer Fraud Casebook codefendants presented us with a detailed history of the entire operation. All his efforts to deceive and manipulate lawful doctors and pharmacies and his total indifference to the customers' health were e\;dent. In spite of Cory's efforts to protect his data with encryption, passwords, and Skype instant messages, we persevered and defeated his blockade by finding his passwords. Finally Behind Bars Dr. Manel, Sean, and Betsy entered guilty pleas and agreed to testify at trial. Randy, the incorrigible security guard, pleaded guilty but remained loyal to Cory and refused to full}' cooperate. Mterwe had asked Randy for his laptop, he deleted everything and pawned it. The six-week trial started after Columbus Day and ended the day before ThanksgiYing. An eerie silence filled the counroom before the jury read its verdict. When his guilt was announced, the glimmer of hope in Cory's pale expression completely vanished. His face tumed green as he trembled and began to vomit. Cory left the courtroom to the sounds of his sobbing sister. Nearly nine months later. a sentence hearing was held for enhancements to Cory's 20-}'earsentence on the CeE conviction. Cory's nagrnnt defiance of judicial orders, his death threat against Betsy. and his reckless disregard of life were some of the issues argued. On August I, the dismayed judge was left with no choice and elenned his sentencing range to between 30 years and life. Thejudge compared Cory to a drug kingpin. Cory was ordered to forfeit the fruits of his crime, nearly $5 million in assets. Lessons Learned Our team learned a thing or two about investigating a difficult Internet, money' laundering, and health-care fraud case. Foremost, we learned that teamwork was paramount to a successful outcome. Throughout the investigation we worked side by side, equally sharing responsibilities. We had the utmost confidence and trust in each other's judgment and ability. We also learned that confinement in prison will not stop a criminal from breaking the law. Time and time again, Cory found ways to exploit and bypass the jail's security measures, ultimately leading to the death threat. Rob developed a superb liaison with the jail and monitored Cory's abuse of their telephone system. Another lesson we learned was that confidential sources can be unpredictable and their trust should always be held In question. The source, the offICe landlord, betrayed us and compromised our Investigation. I disregard...
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