Fraud Case 1

Our computer forensic examiners were overwhelmed by

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Unformatted text preview: ed remarks that the source was a little too chummy with Cory; I should not have. Just What the Doctor Ordered 11 We also learned that digi1a1 evidence was crucial and should be quickly reVIewed and analyzed. Our computer forensic examiners were overwhelmed by the number of computers seized on the investigation. Some examinations were delayed until just weeks before the trial, which interfered with our preparation. Recommendations to Prevent Future Occurrences BeAware The world of computer technology has created an O\'erabundance of Web sites that sell prescription drugs o\'cr the Internet witholll requiring a prescription, People should be aware of lhe risks and the consequences associated wilh purchasing drugs online. Develop Statutes A single federal stalllle that clearly criminalizes the prescribing of pharmaceuticals O\'er the Internet would make prosecutions easier, At least one faceto-face examination between doctor and patient should be required prior to prescription. PubliCity and Education More publicity about prescription drug abuse and convictions of online pharmacy operawrs might curtail the growth of prescription drug abusers. Shuuing down online pharmacies is effective to a point, but in reality it is merely attacking a s}mptom rather tban the actual problem: drug abuse. People must be educated about the dangers of drugs. It is simple economics. The reason illicit online pharmacies exist is (0 meet a demand. If the demand is reduced, online pharmacies will be forced LO close. About the Author George Kyrilis is direcLOr of Special hwestigations for the Insurance Fraud Division of the Minnesota Department of Commerce. He served as a special agent of the Federal Bureau of II1\'estigation for nearly 29 years. He was assigned to the Minnesola C)'ber Crimes Task Force before his retirement in 2007....
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