Fraud Case 1

The us postal inspection senice intercepted them cory

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Unformatted text preview: e pharmacy. A former SwifteRX emplo}'ee came forward and told w he sent two Fed Ex packages containing 70,000 in cash to New York and Florida. The U.S. Postal Inspection Senice intercepted them. Cory sent one package lO a shady online pharmacy operator. With the help of a merchalll bank manager, we learned that his accountalll, Ben Luserman, had opened a merchant account for Cory, which he needed to process credit card transactions for his offshore online pharmacy. The bald, skittish Ben opened the account \\ith a fake name and helped set up a fake Web site lO deceive MasterCard. The manager recorded the telephone calls and instant messages \\ith Ben, who revealed Cory's domain names for two new offshore 8 Computer Fraud Casebook online pharmacies. I immediately located the selVers through Netcraft and the ISPs were ordered to shut down the Web sites. At this point, Assistant U.S. Attorney Liz Grayson, a prosecutor with a competitive attitude and experience in drug cases, joined the investigation. Typically, after executing search warrants, the investigative team will focus on reviewing the evidence. But Cory never slowed do\'m-we stayed busy. He continued to rebuild his criminal empire, ignoring the preliminary injunc· tion and defying the judge's orders. We filed a complailll charging criminal contempt of coun and obcained an arrest warrant for Cory. A week later, Sean decided to cooperate and informed us that Cory had smuggled more than $500,000 in cash to Montreal. He flew down to the Dominican Republic to meet Cory and go over a new business plan. Cory Vt'anted his help to set up an offshore online pharmacy and hide in Honduras. The weJl-dressed fanner manager admitted that he helped Cory launder money through a bank account. Sean deposited the COD payments from Cory's customers in the account and then ordered Brink's to deliver cash to their office suite. Soon after Cory realized that Sean had cooperated, he and Christie fled the Dominican Republic and weill to the Turks and Caicos islands. Cory discovered that Amber was having an affair, which sent him into a rage. He tried to slip back in the country on July 1st, arriving at the MinneapolisSt. Paul airport at midnight. "''hen he exited the plane, I greeted him, "Cory, welcome back." He withered when he realized his fate. We seized Cory's PDA and laptop and obtained search warrants for them. Cory had protected his laptop with PCP (pretty good protection) encryption and his PDA was password protected. After a uvo-day hearing Cory was released with an electronic monitoring device and ordered to stay away from computers and from developing new Web sites. He ignored the order. On August 24, Cory and others were indicted on wire fraud, money laundering, and drug charges. We alTested COl)' again and the judge placed him in a halnvay house. Within a week he was found with a laptop and PDA. We placed the cuffs on Cory for the third time and took him to the county jail. This time breaking the rules landed Cor)' behind bars until hi...
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