Fraud Case 1

We gathered about 30 agents to help us execute the 1

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Unformatted text preview: I obtained a temporary restraining order to freeze Cory's assets and stop his online pharmacy operation. 'We gathered about 30 agents to help us execute the \\'<1 ITa n ts. ThiS Is Not a Game On May la, we executed 13 search warrants on Cory's operations in five states. We found him at his million-dollar home Sitting in the backseat of his limousine. He was wearing an empty holster \' a 9mm pistol under the floor mat. As I approached Cory, he said, "This must be George Kyrilis." I was surprised he knew my name. I then selVcd him with the temporary restraining order and explained that we were shutting him down and freezing all of his assets. Cory remained defiant and cocky. "Oh, I see. This is just a game," he replied. "No. Cory, this isn't a game; your dmgs are killing people." The searches took all day and carried on until late into the evening. We seized boxes and boxes of documentary evidence, computers, and other J ust What the Dodor Ordered 7 hems. We confiscated more than 4 million in assets, including 1.8 million in vehicles and 1.3 million in cash. On May 13, search warrants were o:ecuted at four pharmacies supplying the prescription drugs. The following week a federal judge froze the accused's assets by preliminary injunction and appoillled a receiver to take control of and dissolve the phamlac)' operation. Cozy was ordered to stop his illegal online acti\;t}'. On May 24, Coly hopped on a plane and flew to the Dominican Republic. Randy Mesher flew dO\m a few da}'S later. Cory persuaded several ~ple, including Amber, Sean, Christie, and Randy's wife, to smuggle cash out of the nited States for him. Christie, his mistress, had stopped srripping at clubs when Cory offered to pay for her lost income. Cof}' needed the money to start a new online pharmacy offshore, out of the reach of U.S. law enforcement. During the following month, se\'eral of Cory's emplo}'ees came forward and prmided information regarding his criminal enterprise. Betsy decided to cooperate after her house was searched. She proved to be our most \"3.luable source of knowledge. The proficient programmer had been inYOlved in Cof}"S operation from beginning to end. She designed and maintained his whole computer system. Betsy described nearly every detail of their drug business. With the assistance of an FBI computer forensic expert, he spent countless hours recreating their database and retrieving critical infOlmation. She confirmed that Dr. Martel was their one and only doctor and had approved 72,000 prescriptions. He received $7.00 for each prescription and often approved 25 orders at a time with just one click. The online phannacy had $28 million in sales with a 90 percent profit margin. ~early 85 percent of sales were of hydrocodone-based products. Using 17 Web sites and three call centers, Cory had quite the operation. Death Threats After the search warranlS, BelSY recorded her instant message communications with Cory. He tried lO retrieve his CUSlOmer database for his new offshore onlin...
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