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ACL Tutorial 1 COMMANDS: ANALYZE -> TOTAL ANALYZE -> PROFILE ANALYZE -> STATISTICS SAMPLING -> SAMPLE ANALYZE -> SEQUENCE DATA -> SORT ANALYZE -> DUPLICATES ANALYZE -> GAPS AP_TRANS 1. Using the TOTAL command, develop a hash control total and an amount control total for AP-TRANS. What recommendation would you make to develop a field for hash control total? 2. Run PROFILE on the file, Invoice Amount. Can you determine if there are any negative transactions? Explain. 3. Run STATISTICS on each of the four available fields with the Std Dev box checked. Describe your audit direction to specific invoices based on the results of STATISTICS. 4. Run SAMPLE (Sampling -> Sample) for the AP_TRANS file, using the data from step 3. Sample Invoice Amount, Interval of $6,609, Begin $14.88 (minimum invoice) and
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Unformatted text preview: Cutoff $56,767.20. Save results as AP_Trans_Sample. AR 5. Run SEQUENCE on AR, using Invoice Number (Ref_No). Make sure to use only Invoice Type Transactions (“IN”); use Expression Builder to filter out other transaction types. What do you notice about the invoice numbers? 6. Re-run SEQUENCE on the same file but this time check “Duplicates” and “Gaps” (filter Invoice type transactions only). What information is provided the auditor about testing invoices? 7. SORT AR by Invoice Amount in descending order. Use Sort On to specify descending order. Specify TYPE “IN”. Use Output File name AR_SortAmount. What sort of anomalies is the auditor looking for?...
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