1.1 Chapter 6 Gases (6 per page)

1.1 Chapter 6 Gases (6 per page) - CHEM120 Winter 2011...

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1 CHEM120 Winter 2011 Instructors Prof. A. Mittermaier (Pulp & Paper Bldg 102) Prof B. Siwick (Otto Maass 311) Dr A Fenster Dr. A. Fenster (Otto Maass 110) Please contact instructors through the WebCT Bulletin Board or WebCT Mail, not via @mcgill.ca email. Laboratory Contact: J. M. Gauthier ( [email protected] ) Gases : Ch. 6 (~1 week). Thermochemistry : Ch. 7 (~1 week). Chemical Equilibria : Ch.15 (~1 week). Chemical Kinetics : Ch.14 (~1.5 weeks). More Thermodynamic Laws : Ch. 19 (~1.5 weeks). Mittermaier Siwick CHEM120 Winter 2011 Liquids, Solids, Phase Transitions : Ch.12 (~1 week). Solutions : Ch.13 (~1 week). Acids and Bases : Ch. 16 (~1 week). Buffers : Ch. 17 (~1 week). Organic Chemistry : Ch. 26. (~3 weeks). Fenster Mittermaier Textbook: General Chemistry 10 th edition by Petrucci et al. (same as used for CHEM 110) Website: (on my Courses) http: //mycourses.mcgill.ca/ Full course syllabus now online (course outline) Lecture notes, solutions to problems, discussion/bulletin board exam info old exams lab instructions CHEM120 Winter 2011 board, exam info, old exams, lab instructions… All lectures will also be recorded on McGill’s Lecture Recording System and backed up on the COurses OnLine system at: http://COOL.mcgill.ca/ Grading: 40% Midterm 1 + 2 20% Laboratory (must obtain passing grade) 40% Final Exam (yet to be scheduled in the April examination period). Midterms Midterm 1, Monday February 7, 6:30pm–8:30pm Midterm 2, Friday March 18, 6:30pm–8:30pm Missed Midterm? Final exam reweighted to 60% Must obtain medical note or demonstrate academic conflict CHEM120 Winter 2011 Cannot be excused after writing the exam. Only one midterm can be missed. Problem Sets 10 to 20 Textbook questions assigned each week. Not graded. For study purposes only. Essential to success in the course. Solutions are posted on my Courses (WebCT). CHEM120 Winter 2011 Tutorials All sessions are optional. Graduate Tutors discuss assigned homework problems in detail and answer questions. Wednesdays (4:30-6:00 PM Otto Maass 10), Thursdays (4:30-6:00 PM Otto Maass 217) and Fridays (4:30-6:00 PM Otto Maass 10), starting Wednesday January 12. Post questions on the Tutorials section of the my Courses Bulletin Board. Please include the problem set and question number in the subject line. General questions can be posted on the Class section. What to study: Course notes posted online contain the ‘core material’ for CHEM120. CHEM120 Winter 2011 Sections of the text referred to by (or covered in) the class notes. Essentially all of Ch. 6,7, 12-17, 19 and 26 unless otherwise stated.
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2 CHEM120 Winter 2011 Laboratory Begins next week (the week of January 10) Otto Mass 1 New students (no chemistry courses at McGill): Must attend Info Session & Safety Lecture Nothing to bring or prepare Thursday January 6 at 11:30-12:15 or Friday January 7 at 11:30-12:15 Returning students (taken CHEM 110 Fall 2009) Group assignments, Lab schedule and Experiment texts will be posted on WebCT before January 7.
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1.1 Chapter 6 Gases (6 per page) - CHEM120 Winter 2011...

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