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PGS101 ch 10

PGS101 ch 10 - Self-reinforcement pat yourself on the back...

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Module 10.4 Behavioral and social learning theories Behaviorists: Any study of mental processes cannot be scientific Only behaviors can be directly studied and measured Personality=habits (learned behavior patterns) Rotter’s social learning theory Behavior potential = expectancy=reinforcement value Expectancy- what are the chances ill get what I want? Reinforcement value- how badly do I want it? Other social learning concepts: Self-efficacy: think you can do it?
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Unformatted text preview: Self-reinforcement: pat yourself on the back? Module 10.5 Humanistic theories Focus on: positive qualities, freedom of choice, subjective experience Maslow’s Self-actualization- power of now, in the zone Rogers’ fully functioning health: health is congruence btw self image&ideal self Limited by conditions of worth. Need unconditional pos regard Positive psychology: what makes psychologically happy and healthy?...
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