PGS101 ch 8

PGS101 ch 8 - Modern- performance relative to others in...

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Module 8.1 Intelligence Global capacity to act purposefully, think rationally, deal effectively Should it be lumped into general mental abilities? Ex. Spearman’s g-factor Or split into specific abilities? Ex. Gardner’s multiple intelligences Linguistic, logical-mathematical, visual-spatial Musical, bodily/kinesthetic, intra/interpersonal, naturalistic Cattell’s theory Fluid intelligence: general aptitude people have, inborn capacity Peaks at early 20s, declines with age (gradually) Crystallized: what you learn, strengths, nurture, like picking a major Measuring intelligence Classic- IQ= ratio between mental and chronological age
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Unformatted text preview: Modern- performance relative to others in same age group Stanford-Binet test- can be given at any age Fluid- how well can you think knowledge- what do you know quantitative reas.- numerical problems visual-spatial- pictures, puzzles working memory- short term memory Wechsler test Verbal comprehension perceptual organization processing speed working memory WAIS-IV= adults WISC-IV= children How is intelligence determined? Heredity/nature- more closely people are related, the more similar the IQ Environment/nurture- deprivation/enrichment, birth order effects Historical increases in IQ scores- Flynn effect...
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PGS101 ch 8 - Modern- performance relative to others in...

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