PGS101 ch 3

PGS101 ch 3 - Module 3.1 Interplay of Heredity &...

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Module 3.1 When you became who you are today and continue to become who you will be… what does that look like? Developmental psychology- study of progressive changes o Behavior, how you act o Abilities, things were capable of doing o Fascinated by, we want to understand o What makes you “you” that don’t change, stay with you o Continuous and gradual, or discontinuous and abrupt? o Quantitative v qualitative Nature versus nurture? o Big question!! o I’m extrovered! Why? What made you that way? Born like that, adapted o Are we born who we are, or do we learn to be who we are? o How much is it genetics? Or is it environments/experience? o Tabula rasa (clean slate), Skinner, Darwin, Watson o Twin studies, adoption cases, etc Heredity/Nature o More complicated DNA traits than eye color o Polygenic Environment/nurture o Prenatal influence
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Congenital (fetal alcohol syndrome, music, etc) o o Sensitive, crucial periods of learning… sponge Module 3.3 Social Development in Childhood How you interact with people in the real world (develop) Foundation for future relationships-parents, caregivers, etc o Sets up how we relate to others, stability Separation anxiety
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PGS101 ch 3 - Module 3.1 Interplay of Heredity &...

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