Exam1Review - atmospheric windows IV. Solar System...

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Astronomy 1001 – R.M. Humphreys Review Sheet – Exam #1 I. Introduction and Historical Background What is astronomy Ancient astronomy Geocentric model – Ptolemy Heliocentric model – Copernicus Tycho Brahe Kepler – Kepler’s 3 Laws Galileo – observations vs. geocentric model Newton – law of gravity, laws of motion Orbital motion – why? II. The Night Sky The Earth in space – rotation on axis revolution about sun tilt of axis and origin of seasons Celestial Sphere ecliptic celestial equator celestial poles solstices, equinoxes Precession Solar vs. sidereal time orbit of moon, phases III. Electromagnetic radiation, optics, and telescopes EM spectrum wavelength, frequency, velocity of light inverse square law Optics – formation of an image Telescopes – optical and radio
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Unformatted text preview: atmospheric windows IV. Solar System membership formation extrasolar planets Terrestrial planets Earth plane tectonics Moon surface, ages, origin atmospheres origin, greenhouse effect Mercury, Venus, Mars surface condition evidence for water giant planets and their satellites Jupiter atmosphere, composition 4 Galilean satellites/terrestriasl Saturn rings, Roche limit, Titan Uranus & Neptune atmosphere Pluto & trans-Neptunian objects dwarf planets No longer a major planet why? V. Interplanetary material Asteroids asteroid belt Comets composition, orbits, tail & nucleus Halleys comet Meteors & meteor showers Role of impacts K-T event Tunguska Comet Shoemaker Levy 9...
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Exam1Review - atmospheric windows IV. Solar System...

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