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ReviewSheet2ndExam - Dark nebulae – extinction&...

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Astronomy 1001 – Dr. R. Humphreys Review Sheet for 2 nd Exam Observational Properties of Stars Distance (Trig parallax) Radiation Laws Brightness (apparent and absolute magnitude) distance modulus equation Atomic Structure and atomic spectra Kirchoff’s laws – continuous spectrum, emission line spectrum, absorption line spectrum (seer Ch. 3) Spectra of stars – classification spectral type and luminosity class Masses and sizes from binary stars The HR Diagram – stellar populations The Sun – example of a normal star Solar/stellar atmosphere Photosphere Chromosphere Corona Solar wind Solar activity cycle Prominences Flares Solar/stellar interiors Nuclear fusion (proton-proton chain) Hydrostatic equilibrium Thermal equilibrium Stellar Evolution
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A. Interstellar Medium and star formation Gas and dust
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Unformatted text preview: Dark nebulae – extinction & reddening of starlight Emission nebulae/HII regions Regions of star formation Protostar Premain sequence star B. Low mass stars <2-5M o Main sequence – energy source and structural change Post main sequence Red giant – energy source, structural change Planetary Nebula White dwarf – election degeneracy, novae C. Massive stars >5-10M o Main sequence – red supergiant Energy sources and nucleosynthesis in core of star Supernova! Enrichment of IS medium SN1987A Crab Nebula Neutron stars and pulsars (neutron degeneracy) Black holes – event horizon=Schwarzchild radius Singularity Observational evidence – X-ray binaries Variable Stars Pulsational Variable Period – Luminosity Relation RR Lyrae Cepheids Observational Tests clusters – open and globular clusters Ages – main sequence turnoff Distances – main sequence fitting...
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ReviewSheet2ndExam - Dark nebulae – extinction&...

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