SSB Access Case Spring 2011 - Business Intelligence at...

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Business Intelligence at Super Skateboard Builders (SSB), Inc. Background 1 Super Skateboard Builders (SSB), Inc. was founded in 1997 by John “Z-boy” Boeve, the current president of the company, with the help of a small trust John received from his maternal grandmother, a woman who motivated John to go to college and to continue to pursue his skateboarding passion. She marveled at John’s skateboarding finesse and encouraged him to find some way to earn a reasonable living by capitalizing on his passion for the sport. John used the money from the trust to buy the necessary shop and office equipment (storage bins, an assembly table, desks, etc.) and lease a small building that would adequately house a skateboard assembly operation. Based on your thorough analysis of the cost and benefits of implementing an ERP system, John and his team decided to move forward with a full scale implementation of SAP. Implementation lasted approximately 12 months and went smoothly for a project of such size, complexity, and scope. The Problem SSB has been using the new ERP system for approximately 12 months and they are thrilled with the initial gains in productivity and overall efficiencies. Business processes have been formally defined and are routinely being followed, communication between departments has improved, delivery times have decreased, sales have increased due to better information about products in inventory, and overall
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SSB Access Case Spring 2011 - Business Intelligence at...

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