mid2010 - summ wage if educ==16 s 3 gen expesq=expe^2 reg...

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log using mid2010, replace text l clear use mid201001 u * 1 summ return if ncomp==6, detail s * 2 l * 3 gen y=return-tbill gen x=market-tbill reg y x if ncomp==7 r * 4 * do not reject the null. beta1=0. * * 5 egen xbar=mean(x) if ncomp==7 egen mxy=mean((x-xbar)*y) if ncomp==7 egen mx2=mean((x-xbar)^2) if ncomp==7 gen b=mxy/mx2 summ mx2 mxy b s clear use mid201003 u * 2 gen wage=exp(logwage) summ wage if educ==12
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Unformatted text preview: summ wage if educ==16 s * 3 gen expesq=expe^2 reg logwage educ expe expesq r * 4 * beta2hat + 2 * beta3hat * 10 or similar * * 5 test expe=expesq=0 * do not reject * * 6 gen educsq=educ^2 reg logwage educ educsq expe expesq * the coefficient for educsq is not statistically different from zero. * the returns to education is constant across different education lelels. * log c...
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