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L_practice_exam - Hydrogen Fluoride dimer Non...

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Unformatted text preview: Hydrogen Fluoride dimer Non Bonding p Bonding σ 2s F orbitals not shown OH: Oxygen 2p closer to hydrogen 1s. The highest MO of OH are also non bonded; occupaCon is different than in HF NaEalene, not aniline, may be described by the Hueckel approximaCon Walsh diagrams: BeH2 and H2O Rota%onal axes and mirror planes of the water molecule: C2 principal axis C2 σv mirror plane C2 σv mirror plane The water molecule has only one rotaConal axis, its C2 axis, which is also its principal axis. It has two mirror planes that contain the principal axis, which are therefore σv planes. It has no σh mirror plane, and no center of symmetry. ...
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