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PhysioEx 10: Acid/Base Balance During normal breathing, P CO2 and pH doesn’t change Hyperventiliation: pH increases and P CO2 decreases; tidal volume increase If hyperventilate and go back to normal breathing, trace flat lines for a few seconds Rebreathing: P CO2 increases and pH decreases; tidal volume increases As P CO2 decreases and blood pH increases, H + in urine decreases and HCO 3 - increases o resembles hyperventilation- causes alkalosis As P CO2 increases and blood pH decreases, H
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Unformatted text preview: + in urine increases and HCO 3-decreases o Resembles rebreathing- causes acidosis Metabolic Rate Effects • If metabolic rate increases, BPM increases, tidal volume increases, pH decreases, P CO2 increases, blood H + increases, and blood HCO 3-decreases • If metabolic rate decreases, BPM decreases, tidal volume doesn’t change, pH increases, P CO2 decreases, blood H + decreases, and blood HCO 3-increases...
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