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Chapter 01 - 05 Terms - Chapter 1 1. Vasco de Gama Marco...

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Chapter 1 1. Vasco de Gama Marco Polo excited the Europeans when he returned to Europe in 1295 telling about his adventures to a supposed China. In the mid 1400's Portuguese explorers had developed the caravel which enabled them to travel in choppier waters. They set up trading posts along the African shore and restarted the slave trade but they true achievement was Vasco de Gama's rounding the tip of Africa. He reached India in 1498 and returned with a small amount of spices and jewels. 2. Treaty of Tordesillas A treaty between Spain and Portugal which split the Americas down the middle. Spain got the more desired lands, but Portugal was compensated by being given land in Africa, Asia, and current-day Brazil. 3. Vasco Nunez Balboa The discoverer and namer of the Pacific Ocean who while on the coast of the Panama in 1513 claimed all the lands that were washed by the Pacific Ocean for the Spanish king. 4. Ferdinand Magellan Another Spanish explorer who left Spain in 1519 with 5 ships rounded the tip of South America but was killed in the Philippines. One of his five ships returned to Spain, being the first to circumnavigate the globe. 5. Francisco Coronado In 1540-1542, Coronado explored Arizona and New Mexico on a search for the “golden cities.” He disvored the Grand Canyon and Colorado River, along with herds of bison. 6. Hernando de Soto A Spanish explorer who, armed with 600 men, undertook a search for gol between 1539 and 1542. He started in Florida and went past the Mississippi River while brutally mistreating the Indians. Eventually dying of fever, his troops buried him so his body would not be discovered by those he had tortured. 7. Hernan Cortes Setting sail from Cuba, his aim was to reach Mexico. On the way he picked up a castaway soldier and an Indian slave who knew both Mayan and Nahuatl (the Aztec language) This enabled him to understand what the Aztecans said. He was greeted cordially but had a thirst for gold which led to an attack from the Aztecs. Cortes attacked back and defeated the Aztecs with firepower and smallpox. He brought along with him, his crops, animals, language, laws, customs, reand religion which all stayed in Mexico to this day. 8. John Cabot An English explorer sent out to compete with the explorers of other countries, was told to explore the NE coast or North America in 1497 and 1498. 9.
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Chapter 01 - 05 Terms - Chapter 1 1. Vasco de Gama Marco...

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