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Chapter 06 - 08 Terms - Chapter 6 Terms 1 Samuel de...

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Chapter 6 Terms 1. Samuel de Champlain - Leading figure of exploration who was called the "father of New France". Helped to establish Quebec. Entered with friendly intentions and befriended the Huron Indians who were fighting the Iroquois. 2. Quebec - A granite sentinel commanding the St. Lawrence River established in 1608. 3. Robert de La Salle - Went down the Mississippi in 1682. Named Louisiana and wanted to come back and colonize but only landed in Spanish Texas when he came back. 4. Fort Necessity - Seiged on by the French. A fort to protect Washington and the English after war was declared with the Frenchies. They surrendered. 5. The French and Indian War/Seven Years War - The colonial rivalry between France and England. France's expansion into the Ohio River valley repeatedly brought it into conflict with the claims of the British colonies. In September 1760, the French lost their last foothold in Canada. Etc., etc. . 6. General Edward Braddock - BULLheaded and sent to virginia with lots of Brit- ish. He was mortally wounded during his unsuccessful expedition against Fort Duquesne. 7. General James Wolfe and the Battle of Quebec - British general in Canada. He defeated the French at Quebec (1759) but was mortally wounded in the battle. 8. The Peace of Paris of 1763 - Ended the Seven Years’ War. Britain emerged as the world’s leading colonial empire. Britain made many gains, but they could have received more. George III, new to the throne, was fearful of the power amassed by Secretary of State William Pitt. 9. Chief Pontiac's War - 1763-66 , Native American uprising against the British just after the close of the French and Indian Wars. North American Indians started the war who were dissatisfied with British rule in the Great Lakes region. The war was a failure for the Indians in that it did not drive away the British, although it did force them to change laws. 10. The Proclamation of 1763 - Proclamation by Britain at the end of the French and Indian War that prohibited settlement by whites on Indian territory. The measure was also intended to shield Native Americans from increasingly frequent attacks by white settlers. Chapter 7 Terms 1. The Navigation Acts - 1650, aimed at rival Dutch shippers trying to get into American trade. Therefore only Brit-ish ships could transport goods to and from America. 2.
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Chapter 06 - 08 Terms - Chapter 6 Terms 1 Samuel de...

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