Chapter 18 Terms

Chapter 18 Terms - Chapter 18 Terms 1 Lewis Cass leader of...

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Unformatted text preview: Chapter 18 Terms 1. Lewis Cass: leader of The Democratic National Convention at Baltimore in 1848. Nicknamed General “Gass” by his enemies. Though Cass was the reputed father of popular sovereignty, under his leadership the Democratic platform remained silent on the issue of slavery in the new territories 2. Zachary Taylor: the “Hero of Buena Vista” who became the Whig nominee for president in 1848. Though Henry Clay was the living embodiment of Whig ideals, he was not nominated because he had made too many enemies, soTaylor was selected because of his popularity 3. Popular sovereignty: doctrine that stated that the self-governing people of a territory, under the general principles of the Constitution, should themselves determine the status of slavery 4. Free Soil Party: men against slavery in the North who distrusted both Cass and Taylor organized this party. Unlike the Democratic and Whig parties, the Free-Soilers stated their ideals directly. They ardently supported the Wilmot Proviso and opposed slavery in the territories. In addition they advocated federal aid for internal improvements and urged free government homesteads for settlers 5. California Gold Rush, 1848: the discovery of gold early in 1848 led scores of men into California to seek their fortunes. Very few found success. The rest were unsuccessful and often caught disease while being charged outrageous prices for laundry and other personal services. Lawlessness was common without a stable government until 1849 when a Constitution excluding slavery was written and the state applied to Congress for admission 6. Underground Railroad: an informal chain of antislavery homes through which scores of runaway slaves were led by abolitionists from the slave states to Canada where they could escape persecution...
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Chapter 18 Terms - Chapter 18 Terms 1 Lewis Cass leader of...

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