Chapter 22 Terms

Chapter 22 Terms - Chapter 22 Terms 1 Freedmens Bureau...

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Chapter 22 Terms 1. Freedmen’s Bureau, 1865-1872 - Because many freedmen (those who were freed from slavery) were unskilled, unlettered, without property or money, and with little knowledge of how to survive as free people, Congress created the Freedmen's Bureau on March 3, 1865. It was intended to provide clothing, medical care, food, and education to both freedmen and white refugees. 2. General Oliver O. Howard – led the Freedmen's Bureau. 3. Andrew Johnson - Andrew was chosen by the Republican party to run with Abraham Lincoln as Vice President in the 1864 election. Johnson was chosen to balance the ticket. Because he was a Southern Democrat, before the South seceded, and Lincoln was a Northern Republican. These too covered almost all issues of the election. 4. Lincoln’s 10-percent plan, 1863 - In 1863, Lincoln stated his "10 percent" Reconstruction plan which stated that a state could be reintegrated into the Union when 10% of its voters in the presidential election of 1860 had taken an oath of allegiance to the United States and pledged to abide by emancipation. 5. Wade-Davis Bill, 1864 - Due to Republican fears over the restoration of planter aristocracy and the possible re- enslavement of blacks, Congress passed the Wade-Davis Bill in 1864. It required that 50% of a state's voters take the oath of allegiance and it demanded stronger safeguards for emancipation. President Lincoln refused to sign the bill. 6.
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Chapter 22 Terms - Chapter 22 Terms 1 Freedmens Bureau...

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