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Chapter 23b Terms 1. Jim Crow Laws – A systematic state-level legal code of segregation . Grew from the informal separation of blacks and whites in the postwar years. 2. Plessy v. Ferguson , 1896 – The Supreme Court validated the South’s segregationalist social order in this case. It ruled that “separate but equal” facilities were constitutional under the equal protection clause of the 14 th amendment. 3. Chinese Exclusion Act, 1882 – the bunch of fobs from the Taishan district of K’uang-t’ung (or as that fat lady from that show with all the other ladies would say - “ching chong, ching chong, exclusion act, ching chong chong chong chong, excluded, chinese, ching chong!”) and many other various chineses had their door slammed by Congress when the exclusion act was passed prohibiting all further immigration from China . That door stayed shut until 1943. This act was passed for the main reason that the Chinese took cheap labor and there were no jobs left for the new immigrants from Europe. 4. James Garfield – a cat in a comic strip and the “dark horse” candidate of the Republican Party in 1880 . VP was
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