Chapter 24a Terms

Chapter 24a Terms - Chapter 24a Terms 1 Pacific Railroad...

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Chapter 24a Terms 1. Pacific Railroad Act, 1862 – was approved and signed into law by the President, Abraham Lincoln, on July 1, 1862. The act was to aid in the construction of a railroad and telegraph line from the Missouri river to the Pacific Ocean, and to secure to the government the use of the same for postal, military, and other purposes. It gave land grants to Union Pacific Railroad and Central Pacific Railroad companies to construct transcontinental railroad. 2. Union Pacific Railroad – was commissioned by Congress to thrust westward from Omaha, Nebraska. For every mile of track constructed, the company was granted 20 square miles of land, alternating in 640-acre sections on either side of the track. The Union Pacific was involved in the Credit Mobilier scandal. 3. Central Pacific Railroad – was also commissioned by Congress to complete the railroad from where the Union Pacific left off. They employed Chinese immigrants to help with the railroad. They received the same benefits the Union Pacific experienced. 4. The Wedding of the Rails – was one of America’s most impressive peacetime undertakings. It connected America to the Pacific which helped it connect to Asian trade. 5. The Big Four – the chief financial backers of the enterprise. They operated through the two construction companies. They took millions away from the companies.
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Chapter 24a Terms - Chapter 24a Terms 1 Pacific Railroad...

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