Chapter 25 Terms

Chapter 25 Terms - Chapter 25 Terms 1. Louis Sullivan- an...

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Chapter 25 Terms 1. Louis Sullivan - an opinionated Chicago architect, contributed formidably to the further development of the skyscraper with his famous principle that "form follows function" 2. Theodore Drier's Sister Carrie 1900 - novel about heroine Carrie Meeber who escapes from rural boredom to Chicago just before the turn of the century. It is the spectacle of the city's dazzling department stores that awakens her fateful yearning for a richer, more elegant way of life 3. Boss Tweed - business of administering to the immigrants' needs fell to the unofficial "governments" of the urban political machines, led by "bosses" like this notorious New Yorker; often traded jobs and services for votes 4. Walter Rauschenbusch - Christian socialist, became pastor of a German Baptist church in NYC 5. Social Gospel - preached by Christian socialists, insisted that the churches tackle the burning social issues of the day, predicted that socialism would be the logical outcome of Christianity 6. Jane Addams - middle-class woman who was deeply dedicated to uplifting the urban masses; established the Hull House, the most prominent American settlement house; also courageously condemnned war as well as poverty, eventually won Nobel Peace Prize in 1931 7. Florence Kelley - armed with the insights of socialism and the voice of an actress, she was a lifelong battler for the welfare of women, children, blacks, and consumers 8. Nativism - antiforeignism; was revived in the 1880s; viewed eastern and southern European newcomers as culturally and relgiously exotic hordes and often gave them a rude reception 9. American Protective Association, 1887 - in pursuing its nativist goals, it urged voting against Roman Catholic candidates for office and sponsored the publication of lustful fantasies about runaway nuns 10. Dwight Lyman Moody - proclaiming a gospel of kindness and forgiveness, he was a modern urban circuit rider who took his message to countless American cities in the
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Chapter 25 Terms - Chapter 25 Terms 1. Louis Sullivan- an...

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