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Chapter 27 Terms #2

Chapter 27 Terms #2 - Chapter 27 Terms 1 Yellow Press...

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Chapter 27 Terms 1. Yellow Press: described foreign exploits as manly adventures that young men should aspire to become a part of, increasing overseas involvement 2. Joseph Pulitzer: sensationalized news to drive up circulation (yellow press) 3. William Randolph Hearst: He and Joseph Pulitzer were engaged in a titanic duel for circulation and attempted to out do each other with screeching headlines and hair raising scoops. 4. Rev. Josiah Strong: Wrote Our Country: Its Possible Future and Its Present Crisis. It inspired pious missionaries to look overseas in order to convert more people to Christianity. The book supported the theory of Anglo-Saxon superiority and taught that it was the missionaries’ duties to spread values to “backwards” people 5. Alfred Thayer Mahan: wrote The Influence of Sea Power upon History, 1660-1783 . It argued that the country that controlled the seas would dominate the world. His book stimulated a naval race among the English, Germans, Japanese, and Americans. 6. Monroe Doctrine: In 1823 was established to prevent further colonization and any foreign intervention within the Americas. In 1895 when a border dispute broke out between British Guiana and Venezuela, President Cleveland and his secretary of state Richard Olney declared that by attempting to dominate Venezuela, Britain was going against the doctrine 7. Queen Liliuokalani:
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