Chapter 30 Terms #2

Chapter 30 Terms #2 - Chapter 30 1. The progressive (Bull...

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Chapter 30 1. The progressive (Bull Moose) Party -- It was a result of Theodore Roosevelt losing against Taft at the Republican convention, the Progressive Party was created to nominate Roosevelt for the presidency. With about two thousand delegates from forty states, they assembled in Chicago during August 1912. The party dramatically symbolized the rising political status of women and the causes of social justice. The nickname, the Bull Moose, was given to the party when Roosevelt stated that he felt ¡°as strong as a bull moose¡± 2. Roosevelt¡¯s ¡°New Nationalism¡± -- It was to urge the national government to increase its power to remedy economic and social abuse. Roosevelt favored consolidation of trusts and labor unions, paralleled by the growth of powerful regulatory agencies in Washington. He also campaigned for women¡¯s suffrage and a broad program of social welfare including minimum wage laws and socialistic social insurance. 3. Wilson¡¯s ¡°New Freedom¡± -- It favored small enterprise, entrepreneurship, and the free functioning of unregulated and un-monopolized markets. They shunned social welfare proposals and pinned their economic faith on competition. Their keynote was the fragmentation of the big industrial combines, chiefly by means of vigorous enforcement of the antitrust laws. 4. Triple Wall of Privilege -- They were the tariff, the banks and the trusts.
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Chapter 30 Terms #2 - Chapter 30 1. The progressive (Bull...

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