Chapter 32 Terms

Chapter 32 Terms - Chapter 32 Terms 1 2 Seattle general...

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C h a p t e r 3 2 T e r m s 1. Seattle general strike (1919) – Americans blamed the bomb and whisker Bolsheviks for “fomenting” “labor troubles.” This strike was very “general”, and prompted a call from the mayor for federal troops to head off the “anarchy of Russia.” 2. Red Scare (1919-1920) – A drive to root out radicals. People were scared of the Rrrrusian Bolsheviks (porcupine faced pole cat scarers) and the small communist party spawned in America. The Scare was a nationwide crusade against left wingers (ie. Hizon) whose Americanism was suspect. 3. A. Mitchell Palmer – a person who “saw red” too easily. Called the “ Fighting Quaker ” because he was crazy in rounding up suspects – total of 6000. Later named the “Quaking Fighter” because a bomb exploded in his home. 4. Sacco and Vanzetti (1921) – A shoemaker and “fish-peddler” were convicted in 1921 for the murder of a Massachusetts paymaster and his guard. This was a notorious case regarded by liberals as “ judicial lynching .” The case continued on until 1927 when they were electrocuted (with electricity). This case made liberals sad because these guys (who were aliens and atheists) were convicted solely on the antiredism of the jury and judge. 5. Ku Klux Klan in the 1920s – they looked even funnier and were anti…everything and pro-white/Protestant . In short , the besheeted Klan betokened an extremist, ultraconservative uprising against many of the forces of diversity and modernity that were transforming American culture. “Kreatures” kled kthe klan kwhich khad kmany konclaves. 6. 1921 Emergency Quota Act – Congress act that plugged the influx of many new immigrants that said newcomers were restricted by a quota – 3% of their people of their nationality had to be in the US in 1910. 7. 1924 Immigration Act replaced that emergency quota act and the quota was changed to 2% and the year to 1890 – because Southern Europeans thought it was unfair before (not many moved to US before 1910). However many Japanese were MAD and one guy even killed himself because of this act (it kept Japanese outta US). America was a motel with no vacancy (great stuff, those metaphors.) 8. Eighteenth Amendment (1919) prohibited sale of alcohol . 9. Volstead Act along with the 18 th amend, these made the world “safe for hypocrisy .” 10. Prof. John Dewey –one of America's few front-rank philosophers, set forth the principles of " learning by doing " that formed the foundation of progressive education, with greater "permissiveness." Believed that the workbench was as essential as the blackboard , and that "education for life" should be a primary goal of the teacher. 11.
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Chapter 32 Terms - Chapter 32 Terms 1 2 Seattle general...

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