Chapter 36 Terms

Chapter 36 Terms - Chapter 36 Terms 1 Japanese internment...

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Chapter 36 Terms 1. Japanese internment- The imprisonment of Japanese living in America in camps. Many lost all of their property and holdings. Many cite however that this was designed to protect the Japanese from the American citizens who were heavily anti-Japanese after Pearl Harbor. 2. Korematsu v. United States (1941)- Supreme court case that upheld the legality of the Japanese internment camps. 3. Issei and Nisei- The Issei were foreign born Japanese and the Nisei were born in America. 4. War Production Board- Orchestrated American factories to produce supplies for the war effort and halted the production of non-essential items such as consumer automobiles. Also rationed key raw materials to aid the war effort. 5. Henry J. Kaiser- Man dubbed “Sir Launchalot” for his ability to produce war ships in a short amount of time. 6. Office of Price Administration- Curbed inflation in the American economy and kept prices low. 7. War Labor Board- Imposed ceiling on wage increases and also took over manufacturing businesses when a strike occurred. This was allowed with the Smith-Connally Anti-Strike Act. 8. GI- Stands for General Issue, which was the term for the uniforms of army soldiers. 9. Rosie the Riveter - Symbol of women who worked in the war industry manufacturing jobs while the men were off in the war. 10. A. Phillip Randolph- Demanded equal rights for blacks in war jobs and the armed forces. 11.
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Chapter 36 Terms - Chapter 36 Terms 1 Japanese internment...

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