Chapter 39 Terms

Chapter 39 Terms - Chapter 39 Terms 1. 2. 3. 4. Robert...

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Chapter 39 Terms 1. Robert Kennedy – JFK (his brother) made him attorney general. He set out to recast the priorities of the FBI. His efforts were stoutly resisted by J. Edgar Hoover (that cross dressing “homosexual”), who was FBI director longer than Rob had been alive. 2. Robert McNamara –He was the Business whiz that left the presidency of the Ford Motor Company to take over the Defense Department. 3. The Peace Corps – It was an army of idealistic and mostly youthful volunteers to bring American skills to underdeveloped countries. 4. Man on the Moon, 1969 – For economic stimulus, as well as for military strategy and scientific prestige, Kennedy promoted a multi-billion dollar project to land an American on the moon. After spending 24 billion dollars, 2 American astronauts triumphantly planted human footprints on the moon's dusty surface. 5. Vienna Conference, 1961 – It was a meeting between the new president, Kennedy, and Krushchex (khrushev. Khrushchev. Khrusvhev!). The rrrusian adopted a belligerent attitude and threatened to make a treaty with East Germany and cut off Western access to Berlin. JFK however refused to be bullied. Although the soviets backed off from their most bellicose threats, they began to construct the Berlin Wall. 6. Berlin Wall, 1961 – It was a barbed wire and concrete barrier that was designed to plug the heavy population drain from East Germany to West Germany through the Berlin funnel. It was also known as the Wall of Shame and looked like a gigantic enclosure around a concentration camp. It stood for almost three decades as an ugly scar symbolizing the post World War II division of Europe into two hostile camps. 7. Flexible Response – With Defense Secretary McNamara, Kennedy pushed the strategy of Flexible Response, which was an array of military options that could be precisely marched to the gravity of the crisis at hand. It contained legal logic that potentially lowered the level at which diplomacy would give way to shooting. It also provided a mechanism for a progressive and possibly endless, stepping up of the use of force. 8. Alliance for Progress, 1961 – It was a Marshall Plan for Latin America. Its primary goal was to help the Good neighbors close the gap between the rich and the wretched poor, and thus quiet communist agitation. But the results were disappointing; there was little progress. American handouts had little positive impact on Latin America's immense social problems. 9.
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Chapter 39 Terms - Chapter 39 Terms 1. 2. 3. 4. Robert...

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