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Chapter 40A Terms

Chapter 40A Terms - Chapter 40A Terms 1 Vietnamization 1969...

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C ha p t er 40A Ter ms 1. Vietnamization, 1969 – Prez Nixon’s policy to withdraw 540,000 troops from South Vietnam over and extended period. He did this to quiet the public over Vietnam (his “burning need) and believed that with American money, weapons, training, and advice, the South Viets could take over their own war. 2. Nixon Doctrine – This came out of Nixon’s policy of Vietnamization. The doctrine proclaimed that the US would honor its existing defense commitments but that in the future, Asians and others would have to fight their own wars without the support of American troops. 3. My Lai massacre, 1968 – American troops had massacred innocent women and children in this village so domestic disgust with the war was further deepened when people found this out. So Nixon was desperate and wanted to end the war with the Cambodian invasion. 4. Cambodian invasion, 1970 – On April 29, 1970, Nixon ordered American forces to join with the South Viets to clean out the enemies in Cambodia.
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