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161 Course Policies - General Chemistry I Introduction and...

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General Chemistry I Introduction and General Information On behalf of all of us who are teaching Chemistry 161, General Chemistry, welcome. The first thing you need to do is establish an email account and “NetID” so that you can access all the online material associated with this course. If you haven’t done so already, contact RUCS about setting one up. It is very unlikely that any of you are taking this course to satisfy a liberal arts requirement. You are here because you have chosen to pursue a major and a career in science, and this course is required. Because it is a required and very important course for you, as well as being a rather difficult one; all of us who are teaching this course are committed to working extra hard to make this an enjoyable and rewarding experience for you. You need to make the same commitment. Some of the material that we will present in this course will seem rather complex to you at first. The administrative details are even more complex, at least in part because of the large size of the course. One purpose of this document is to help you with these details. You will be using the fourth edition of General Chemistry by Hill, Petrucci, McCreary and Perry. Please note that when you purchase your textbook, you are actually purchasing a package that includes two things: the Textbook and the Partial Solutions Guide and a $20 rebate for a radio frequency clicker for answering questions in lecture. Be sure you have all of these things; you will need them. There is a General Chemistry home page on the departmental website. Its URL is http://rutchem.rutgers.edu/Courses_f08 . Once you reach this page click on Chemistry 161 to get to the course web site. Most of the information will be posted on Sakai (URL: http://sakai.rutgers.edu/ ) You should check this site regularly. If you check it now, you will find a number of documents posted. If you are registered, you will automatically be a “member” of the online class. You will need your NetID to login. You should read these documents, especially the Syllabus, Grading Policies, and homework ones very carefully. During the semester many additional documents will be posted on the web site including lecture notes, practice exams, and useful information or explanations about important topics. As soon as you finish reading this document, MAKE CERTAIN THAT YOU CAN ACCESS THE WEB SITE . In addition, online homework will be done on MasteringGeneralChemsitry. In $5.00 access fee is part of the package. If you bought a used book, you may not have gotten an access code. More information will be provided. If you buy the book used, you will have to buy in from MasteringChemistry and it will cost you $44.50. Since some of you are first year students let me explain the way in which you are scheduled for this
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161 Course Policies - General Chemistry I Introduction and...

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