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Unformatted text preview: GRADING POLICIES CHEMISTRY 161 FALL 2008 YOUR COURSE GRADE Your grade in this course will be determined primarily by your scores (compared to the scores of all the other students) on the three 80-minute hour exams, and the 3-hour final exam. Eventually we will assign grades based on the total number of points you achieve on all of these and in a variety of other ways that are discussed below. We advise you to take very seriously all the different evaluations that will be available to you; they might make a difference. The maximum score for the course is 725 points, distributed as follows: Category Points Exam I 100 Exam II 100 Exam III 100 Final Exam 240 Quizzes (320) 60 On line Homework 80 Worksheets 20 Lecture Quizzes 25 TOTAL 725 GRADING A rough curve with cutoffs for letter grades will be established for each of the three exams during the semester. This curve should be viewed as a guideline to how you are doing. At the end of the semester, a new curve, based on total points earned, but still emphasizing exams, will be established and course grades assigned...
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