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Family: A, P, LH, Aq Aristotle: Male and female must unite for the reproduction of the species, not from the deliberate intention, but from the natural impulse, which exists in animals in general. Aristotle basically believes the whole point “is to leave something that has the same nature as us”. The union is necessary because it is preservation of both individuals. Aristotle gives his building block of the household: by nature men are superior to women. There is a a natural difference b/w men and women in terms of planning. The men and women have the master and slave relationship. The females and the slave are naturally distinguished from one another. However, the female and slave occupy the same position. The reason being that no naturally ruling element comes to be among them. The principal sources for Aristotle's account of the family are Politics. According Aristotle Family is specific form of association in a community. The most natural form of the village appears to be that of a colony {or offshoot} from a family. the family is defined as that specific form of love and friendship that forms the basis of kinship ( suggenikê ) rooted in parental love , which in turn rests upon the good will ( eunoia ) of spousal philia love and friendship family, household) is defined as that specific form of koinwnia (community, association) which integrates individuals into a common life that enables them to become, as members of an oikos , members of a polis (political community, city-state). .. a man without a city state, by reason of his own nature and not of some accident is either poor, being higher than a man: he is like the man Homer wrote in denunciation . the man rules over his wife like that of a statesman over fellow citizens; his rule over his children is like that of a monarch over his subjects. The business of household management is more concerned with the human being than it is with inanimate property: good condition of the people rather the good condition of the property. The soul has naturally two elements, ruling and ruled. Man rules and female is ruled. The female can rule over household and posses the faculty of deliberation, but in a form which lacks authority. .children are immature. Every household is part of city and the relationship mentioned above is parts of the household. Thus, the goodness of every part must be considered with reference to the goodness of the whole. Plato Plato is willing to destroy the family to create an ideal (regime )state. Plot has the concept of universal family. he is willing to destroy the state to create an ideal family. The reason Plato is willing to destroy family is because the notion creates unity and a sense of brotherhood Locke It’s a social contract. The relationship between the husband and
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review SECTION A - SECTION A: Family: A, P, LH, Aq...

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