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Literature Notes Feb 25.March 2

Literature Notes Feb 25.March 2 - fact that she is...

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2/25/2011 Free Write -Thoreau would agree that many people do in fact suffer nature deficit disorder. To Throeau people are to consumed with everyday life to go outside and truly enjoy nature. It is not so much sitting behind the computer or the video games like today, but sitting in the house consumed by work and other civil responsibity. 3/2/2011 **House on Mango Street, Women From America 4. Do the characters want to fit in and conform in society? Why or why not? -Mango Street for sure wants to fit in with society, embarrassed that her house and the
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Unformatted text preview: fact that she is constantly moving from place to place. -The women from America is not trying to fit in society but she making her own path. -the narrator is society, she is what is the norm 1. Outsiders- Mango street- she has no stable home and is always moving. Ashamed of her house and the fact that she is in poverty. -African women- fears authority.-American-she is extremely different from the African women and has a bolder resistance to authority....
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