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February 23, 2011 -What does Walking mean to Thoreau? Walking to Thoreau means living your life without any other bothers or fears of anything in the world. To be one with the outdoors and let the wilderness shapes your life and who you are. Let the beauty of the outdoors encompass you and take you to another place where no other person can go but yourself. To be to yourself is significant to Thoreau because you don’t have much time to just be with your thoughts you are always surrounded by other things and worries in the world. Rather its politics, school, or your job. *Removed him from the idea of man, and nature is the escape from society *Mental transformation- nature is good for the soul ( we must have nature in our lives) *people are always walking with a destination and it needs to be something new and an adventure. (Walking away from something instead of to it) *Suggest that you stay outside in nature for 4 hours a day! 1.
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