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Questions before lecture 2 1. What type of bond joins two amino acids in a protein? Draw a dipeptide of alanine (the amino acid with R = CH3) and glycine (R = H). As you have drawn it, which amino acid is on the N-end of this dipeptide, and which is on the C-terminus? 2. What is meant by “stereoisomer”? What is the “handedness” of the amino acids in proteins? 3. In class, it was noted that cells must maintain some sort of osmotic balance.
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Unformatted text preview: What is meant by this? What happens when a semipermeable membrane full of salty water is put into an environment of pure, distilled water? How does this process relate to changes in entropy? 4. Why is sugar highly soluble in water, but oil is not? 5. Many structures are made of protein subunits that are stuck together. What forces hold these protein subunits together? 6. What powers ATP synthase? Does ATPase move like a rotor or a piston?...
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