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Questions before lecture 3 What cellular structure allows a Gram stain to work? Is the difference between Gram- negative and Gram-positive a difference in quantity or in quality? How do noise-canceling headphones work? Describe the effect of increasing the concentration of reactants on the rate and on the G of a reaction. What is the advantage to the cell of making certain reactions proceed more
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Unformatted text preview: rapidly? What is the eukaryotic cytoskeleton made of? How do actin and tubulin form filaments? Why are bubbles round, instead of cube shaped or pyramid shaped? What is 10 1 ? 10 2 ? 10 3 ? 10 4 ? On a graph, compare the lines y = 10(x) and y = 10 x . Why is it hard to graph these two lines on the same piece of graph paper and still be able to interpret the data?...
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