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Questions before lecture 17 1. What is a species? You are hopefully familiar with the “biological species concept” of Mayr. Does this definition of species work for an asexually reproducing organism like a Bacterium, Archaean, or Eukaryotic microbe? Does this definition account for lateral gene transfer between different groups? 2. Review the mechanisms for lateral gene transfer. What are some of the challenges to lateral gene transfer between distantly related organisms? Does it depend on the mechanism for gene transfer? If you were to draw a graph with rate of successful horizontal gene transfer on the Y axis, and increasing degree of genetic relatedness on the X axis, what would the graph look like? Why? 3. Why is rRNA sequence used for phologenetic information? If you were just concerned with the phologeny of a bunch of different cyanobacteria, what gene could you use? 4. Is mutation random, or directed to specific sequences? In any given round of DNA replication, is it more likely that we’d see a mutation occur in a useless gene such as
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