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Questions for Lecture 8 - Review Questions for Lecture 8 Be...

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Review Questions for Lecture 8 Be comfortable with the following terms and concepts Autotrophy Heterotrophy “Irreversible” reactions NADPH vs NADH Ferredoxin Gluconeogenesis Carboxylase Reductase Reductive Krebs Cycle Calvin cycle Rubisco Carboxysome CCM (Carbon-concentrating mechanism) Ribulose 1,5 bisphosphate Pentose phosphate pathway Phosphoribulokinase Carbon isotope Acetogenesis Acteyl-CoA pathway What would happen to an ecosystem without autotrophs? How can you tell what kind of autotroph fixed the carbon that you are made of? Why is it that NADPH is used to reduce carbon, while NAD+ is used to oxidize carbon? Why can’t the energy and reducing equivalents extracted from glucose in glycolysis be used to make glucose from pyruvate? Why is the notion of an organotrophic autotroph an offense to the laws of thermodynamics? In general, what is produced in the organotrophic oxidation of carbon compounds? In general, what is consumed in the autotrophic reduction of CO2? What is meant by an irreversible reaction? Do such reactions have large positive or large negative values for G? Is the major contributor to that G a change in enthalpy or a change in entropy? There are many enzymes that can catalyze both forward and reverse reactions.
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Questions for Lecture 8 - Review Questions for Lecture 8 Be...

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