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Questions to consider before lecture 9 1. What are the basic requirements of all autotrophic pathways? Is oxygen required for any of them? Was light mentioned at all in discussing them? 2. Are all molecules of NADPH the same, or are molecules of NADPH derived from a photosystem different from molecules of NADPH derived from the pentose phosphate pathway? 3. Autotrophic organisms can grow even if the only source of carbon is CO 2 . Heterotrophic organisms will not grow on CO 2 , but require at least C 2 compounds such as acetate. Many heterotrophic organisms have carboxylases, e.g. acetyl CoA carboxylase (also known as pyruvate oxidase). What reaction does acetyl CoA Carboxylase catalyze? Why is the reaction useful to a cell? Why can’t an organism grow autotrophically using this carboxylase? 4. What is the best naturally occurring e- donor? (Hint—it is often produced as a byproduct of fermentation). Can this e- donor be used to reduce CO2 to acetyl CoA?
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