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Unformatted text preview: TheMammalianFemale ReproductiveSystem KatieKlooster APC100 Winter2011 UterineHorn Oviduct Cervix Ovary Vagina External genitalia Organ Part Function Ovary Oviduct Uterus Cervix Vagina External Genitalia Producesgametes andestrogen andprogesterone Passageoftheoocyteandsite of spermcapacitationand fertilization Attachment ofembryoandfetal development Selective barrier Copulatory organ Protectsvaginafromexternal environment TheBroadLigament Portion Mesovarium Function Housestheblood andlymphaticvesselsand nervestotheovary.ThisformstheHilusofthe ovary Serousmembranesurroundingtheoviduct. Helpsorienttheinfundibulumtotheovaryin ordertocatchtheovulatedoocytecumulus complex Mesosalpinx Mesometrium Supportstheuterinehorns andbodyofthe uterus.Connectstothedorsalperitoneum. BroadLigament UterineHorns TheOvary Germinalepithelium (cuboidalcells) Cortex Tunicaalbuginea (connectivetissue) Cortex Containstheoocytes andfollicles Medulla Medulla Vasculature,nerves, andlymphatic Replacethisslide Changesintheovary areduetohormonal control Feedbackloopsfrom ovarytothebrain (Hypothalamusand Pituitary) Folliculogenesis PrimordialFollicle BasalLamina Oocyte Squamous epithelium PrimaryFollicle BasalLamina Oocyte Singlelayer ofcuboidal cells SecondaryFollicle Theca BasalLamina Oocyte Multiple layersof granulosa cells ZonaPellucida TertiaryFollicle Antrum ThecaExterna ThecaInterna BasalLamina Oocyte Multiple layersof granulosa cells ZonaPellucida ZonaPellucida GraffianFollicle ThecaExterna ThecaInterna BasalLamina Oocyte Membrana granulosa cells Antrum Corona radiata Cumulus oophorus Ovary SmallFollicles Ultrasound MediumFollicles LargeFollicle Preovulatoryfollicles CorpusHemorraghica CorpusLuteum CorpusAlbican TubularTract TubularSectionsoftheTract Oviduct Uterus Cervix Vagina TubularSectionsoftheTract Tissue Serosa Muscularis TissueType Singlelayerofsquamous cellscoveringthe tract Usuallydouble layerofsmoothmuscle 1. Outerlongitudinal musclelayer 2. Innercircularlayer Submucosa Mucosa Varies inthickness,itcontainsbloodvessels, nerves,andlymphatic Eachpartof thetractislinedwithdifferent typesofmucosaepithelium TheOviduct Part Function Infundibulum Catches thenewlyreleasedOocyte CumulusComplex Ampulla SiteofFertilization Isthmus Site ofspermattachmentand capacitation S TheUterus TissuelayersName Serosa UterineTissueName Perimetrium Muscularis Mucosa+Submucosa Myometrium Endometrium Caruncles Caruncles EndometrialFolds Blue:utero ­ovarianvein(UOV) Red:ovarianartery(OA) TheCervix TheVagina ExternalGenitalia ...
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