Musculoskeletal System Revision Guidance

Musculoskeletal System Revision Guidance - do they function...

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Revision guidance for the Musculoskeletal System Focus your revision based on the following questions making sure you can give examples each, where applicable: ° What are the differences between the axial and appendicular skeleton, and pectoral and pelvic girdles? ° What are the main differences between mammals, birds and fish? ° What is cartilage, how is it formed, and what are the roles of the different cartilage cells? ° What is bone, how is it formed, and what are the roles of the different bone cells? ° What is bone remodeling and how does this occur? ° What are the different joint types, and their mobility? ° What is muscle and what are the components of the contractile element, and how
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Unformatted text preview: do they function? Remember, this is the musculoskeletal system and the focus of all the lectures was on mobility – how the different components of the musculoskeletal system; bones, cartilage, joints, ligaments, tendons and muscle, come together to determine the range of motion. As I mentioned during the lectures, the slides are based on the lecture notes, and are there to illustrate and aid understanding, so use both for revision purposes. Note: There were four lectures and I’ve given Dr. Meyers four questions for each lecture. Good luck at the exam....
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