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Dr. Pinkerton ʼ s Study Questions: 1) Know the general components of the respiratory system for fish, birds and mammals 2) Understand the basic properties required for gas exchange (a) large surface area, (b) thin diffusion membrane, and (c) the need to maintain a concentration gradient 3) Understand how air/media flows through the respiratory tract of fish, birds and mammals 4) What are the funcitons of the nasal cavity 5) How does mucociliary clearance work 6) How does the larynx, pharnyx and hyoid apparatus work to prevent water or solids from entering the lower respiratory tract - keep it simple (swallowing reflex). 7) How is the bird larynx different from the mammalian larynx? 8) Do fish have a larynx? 9) What are the types (or zones) of distal air passages in mammals 10) How does one distinguish between the different types of distal air passages in mammals 11) What are some of the cell types forming the epithelial lining of the distal air passages - what is the
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