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Prep Notes Concerning the Renal Lab 1. Pre-lab requirements: a. CANNOT consume alcohol, caffeine, or other dieuretics (e.g., tea, soda, coffee, large amounts of chocolate, etc.) in the 24 hours before the lab b. Must empty your bladder 1-2 hours before coming to lab (preferably 1-hr) and NOTE THE EXACT TIME OF THIS URINARY EVENT! c. Come to lab well hydrated; you have to pee 5 times in 2 hours d. Refrain from heavy exercise in the 24 hours prior to lab 2. Be observant of cleanliness and hygiene: a. KEEP BATHROOMS CLEAN!!! i. DO NOT place urine collection cups on the sinks, counters, or in the trash cans in the bathrooms ii. If you sprinkle while you tinkle, be a sweetie and wipe the seaty! iii. Clean all instruments and return them to the equipment counter when finished iv. If you spill it, clean it v. Make sure all tissue, etc. makes it into the trashcans 3. Subject selection: a. Will be based on body weight (lightest to heaviest) and you need to know your exact body weight in order to determine the volume of fluid you have to drink –
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Lab+7+-+Prep+Notes+Concerning+the+Renal+Lab - Prep Notes...

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