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Lab+7+-+Renal+Lab+Calculations+Guide-1 - C mL/min 12 = Cr P...

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Renal Lab Calculations Guide Terms : x P = plasma concentration of substance x (mg/mL) x U = urine concentration of substance x (mg/mL) o V = urine flow rate (mL/min) x C = plasma clearance of substance x (mL/min) Calculate Na + Clearance : 1. Measure Na U with Na + meter (in mV) – NOTE: use same electrode for all measurements 2. Convert voltage to concentration (mEq/L) by use of calibration curve (supplied by TA). NOTE : use the calibration curve for the Na+-meter you used!! 3. Calculate urine flow rate as: = o V (urine volume)/(time elapsed) 4. Calculate Na + clearance as: Na Na Na P V U C o = where, Na P = 145 mEq/L (by assumption) & Na U was found in step 2 Creatinine Analysis : NOTE : Wait until you have both the T=0 min & T=60 min urine samples from ALL group members before beginning this measurement 1. Estimate Cr U by calculating: o V P C U Cr Cr Cr = where, 125
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Unformatted text preview: C mL/min 12 = Cr P mg/L (for men) or 10 mg/L (for women) 2. calculate dilution factor (X) needed for Cr U ≅ 30 mg/L from: L mg L mg Cr U X 30 = 3. Round X to the nearest (convenient) whole number (when in doubt, round up) 4. prepare blank and dilution samples (see lab manual for details) 5. Measure absorbance (OD) of the blank and all diluted samples 6. Convert absorbance to urine-creatinine concentration using calibration curve. The units of the calibration curve are mg/dL ⇒ convert to mg/L by multiplying by 10 dL/1 L 7. Multiply answer from step 6 by dilution factor from step 3 to obtain undiluted Cr U value 8. Calculate the true creatinine clearance as: Cr Cr Cr P V U C o ⋅ = Where, Cr P is from step 1, Cr U is from step 7, and = o V (urine volume)/(time elapsed)...
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